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The 1st UU-A International Symposium Series

“Poverty alleviation and ecosystems conservation under fragile environment – A case in the Ulugru Mountains, Tanzania -“


Lecturer: Prof. TANAKA Ueru(Setsunan University)
Date: 28th October 2021 17:30-19:00(Japan time)

Professor Tanaka Ueru, who specializes a soil science and rural development gave a lecutre on the possibility of vania cultivation in Ulugulu Mountains located in west part of Tanzania.

■ Proceeding(PDF 5.95MB)

Under prevailing poverty and soil degradation, vanilla is a potential spice cultivated athomegarden, processed, kept for a long time, and sold at high price.
Especially, the elders, who ordinary stay at home can engage in theprocess of vanilla cultivation such as hand pollination and processing, coping with both povery alleviation and ecosystem conservation.


■ The Symposium Video