UTSUNOMIYA UNIVERSITY Inter-University Exchange Project Support for the Formation of Collaborative Programs with African Universities

Programme for Developing Human Resource to
Contribute to SDGs by Merging
African Potential and Japanese Scientific Technology



Feature of the program

We will take approaches promoting an understanding of the social structure of local communities and focusing on its potential.

  • Program of construction of sustainable community in Africa
    We will develop highly specialized human resources who can contribute to the sustainable development of local communities through revaluing potential local knowledge and resources based on the understanding of local societies, and constructing a fair system of distribution, processing and sales utilizing smart agriculture technology.
  • Program of high productivity of agriculture
    We will make good use of molecular agriculture and smart agriculture technology and establish high-productivity agriculture which will improve the food production rapidly.

Eligible participants

  • Graduate student in the Graduate School of Regional Development and Creativity at Utsunomiya University
  • Graduate student at partner universities


Credits earned in this program are recognized as credits required for graduation.

Inter-University Exchange Project

The Inter-University Exchange Project was launched by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology of Japan (MEXT) in 2011 in order to develop global human resources who can be actively involved in international society, and develop the capacity for the global development of university education.

While assuring the quality of higher education, the project also aims to support the cooperation of international education among universities in designated countries and regions, that conduct study abroad programs for Japanese students and undertakes the strategic acceptance of foreign students.

Utsunomiya University was adopted in FY2020, and will conduct the program until FY2024 with the financial support for five years.


>MEXT - Inter-University Exchange Project (Re-Inventing Japan Project)

What is the SDGs?

“SDGs” is an abbreviation for “Sustainable Development Goals.” It was adopted at the UN Sustainable Development Summit held in September 2015, and holds 17 goals to be realized by 2030.

In UU-A, we will promote education in line with the 17 goals of the SDGs, and aim at developing human resources who can be a bridge between Japan and African countries.

> United Nations - SDGs Official Site

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