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Programme for Developing Human Resource to
Contribute to SDGs by Merging
African Potential and Japanese Scientific Technology


Student Summit 2022

Student SummitBridging young research with

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

UU-A Student Summit 2022 – March 8-10, 2022

The research of young students has the potential to spread around the world and become a great force in changing society in the future. However, until now, many master’s theses have been published every year only within the university to which the student belongs, and it has been impossible for students to widely appeal their research to the world. On the other hand, as the world changes drastically due to the catastrophe of Covid-19, it became clear that university education and research will spread more widely across national borders using the internet and be more deeply sophisticated. So, we will hold a research presentation “UU-A Student Summit 2022” for master’s students from 7 universities gathered in “Programme for Developing Human Resource to Contribute to SDGs by Merging African Potential and Japanese Scientific Technology”. This “UU-A Student Summit 2022” is the world’s first conference where overseas master’s students gather and make presentations about their research in relation to the perspective of SDGs. As this is the first summit, 53 students from seven universities will present their research in on-demand videos.

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After completing the registration, the Registration Number, Password, and “MyPage” URL will be sent to the registrant by email which you should keep in a safe place. If you have completed your registration, you can also log in to “MyPage” here. https://service.dynacom.jp/acpartner/meeting/ppsj/mypage/login.php?k=2022spring1_9uvKrkeFvtyRwNf Invitation_to_the_UU-A_Student_Summit_2022

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