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This year’s compulsory intensive course “Global Management” has been completed.

This year’s compulsory intensive course “Global Management” was completed on 18th July 2023, and Certificates were awarded to students who scored 90 points (60%) or more overall, based on the total of the quiz or assignment scores for each of the 15 lectures, which were given a score of 10 points. As part of this, a certificate ceremony was held this year at Meru University of Science and Technology on 11th September.
The compulsory intensive course “Global Management” has been offered every year since 2021, with many students from the six African universities and Utsunomiya University participating in the UU-A programme taking part. This year, more than 300 students applied for the course and 212 students were awarded certificates in the end. In student surveys, many students rate the lectures highly each year. This is probably due to the rich diversity of the lecture content, as faculty members from seven universities participate in the course. For more information on the content of the lectures, please see the respective year’s lecture guides.
Next year’s course will be held again, so please come and join us.

Table (PDF file)
Number of students completing the compulsory intensive course ‘Global Management’ (2021-2023)
Students attend a total of 15 lectures, each lecture is graded on a 10-point quiz or report, and students who score 90 or more out of a total of 150 points are awarded a certificate of completion. The figures in brackets indicate the number of students who scored 130 points or more.

A sample of certificate of completion (2023) (PDF file)

Results of the questionnaire for the final real-time lecture 2023 (PDF file)